I’m Pains, yes that’s my real last name, a coder, enthusiast, and sometimes a blogger. I’ve been coding for way too long now so a day without code is just not a good day. How can it be?

I live in the USA, was born in Brazil and miss living in Australia. Confusing? Yes.

I code anything, really. But there is nothing better than design a full enterprise architecture and see the many pieces working nicely together and evolving. I’ve designed multi-billion dollar architectures and that was fun but I lost too much hair in the process.

What else do I do, you ask? I go home and code some more. However, I got some completely unrelated passions. For instance, I am:

  • Kung Fu instructor. I studied under Grand Master Lopes in Kung Fu Taisan.
  • Snowboarder. Turn the music on and hit the slopes.
  • Volleyball player. I really wanted to play professional, but apparently you need to be really good and ridiculous tall for that…