I’m Lucas Pains a Software Architect and above all an enthusiast. I started my affair with technology at a very young age, way before I even started college. Hence where I got my many years of experience.

I’m Brazilian by birth but I had great opportunities to live and work in Brisbane - Australia and now Colorado - USA.

I specialize in enterprise scale software architecture and developer mentoring.

My kind of fun stuff

Like any other geek, I do spend a lot of my personal time tinkering with technology, however I got some completely unrelated passions. For instance, I am:

  • Kung Fu instructor. I studied under Grand Master Lopes in Kung Fu Taisan.
  • Snowboarder. The fact that Colorado is huge on skying/boarding played a big deal on the decision to accept the offer to move over.
  • Volleyball player. I really wanted to play professional, but apparently you need to be really good and ridiculous tall for that…