Out of the box, FreshMVVM offers a Master/Detail page navigation container that works nicely. However, it does not support lazy loading the pages as you navigate to them. Below, I demonstrate how I’ve done it.

We need to replace the FreshMVVM original implementation of FreshMasterDetailNavigationContainer. Note that the implementation below is mostly a copy with the following changes:

  • The list view is grouped
  • Each item in the list can have an icon
  • In the AddPage methods, we no longer create an instance of the pages added, we just add a light reference to a collection
  • The menu page is a xaml file instead of fully created in code
  • Only when the menu item is tapped we instantiate and display the Page and ViewModel

LazyLoadedPage class:

INavigationContainer implementation:



Here is how the app looks like on Android:

Lazy Loaded Master Detail example Running Lazy Loaded Master Detail example in Android emulator

And here is the code for this post.



This post is a follow up to Install root CA in Android.

The problem is the same here and the solution is somewhat similar too. First, export the CA certificate like explained in the Android specific post.

Email the certificate as an attachment to an email account you can access via Safari on your device. Only Safari seems to allow the cert to install. Open the attachment and you will see the following prompt.

Cert install confirmation Profile installation prompt

Touch Allow. You may see a message about which device you want to install the certificate. If so, pick the device you need the cert installed.

Chose a device Chose a device to install profile

Next, an Install Profile page will display with the cert to be imported.

Install profile Install profile page

Touch Install and provide the device passcode.

Install profile warning Install profile warning. Should you trust this cert?

Another warning will show about risks of installing an unmanaged certificate. If you trust the certificate, go ahead and touch Install again. You’re almost done now.

Lastly, you will need to go to Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings and toggle enable full trust for root certificates. Again, only do this if you trust the certificate origin.

Install profile certificate trust settings Trusting the certificate as root certificate

All done. You can now navigate SSL websites with certificates issued by the root CA you just installed.